Rationale for the inclusion of the course/module in the programme

To enable the learner to develop an understanding of the basic knowledge in unit operation of pharmaceutical processing

Syllabus BPS2153 Pharm Engineering 1.pdfSyllabus BPS2153 Pharm Engineering 1.pdf

Pharmacology-III describes in detail about the various physiological aspects of central nervous system and the pharmacology of drugs acting on nervous system. The unit includes the common problems associated with drugs of abuse.  It describes the possible measures in controlling drug abuse.

Topics covered in lectures provide basic knowledge on cultivation, collection and processing of medicinal plants. Further, students will study both official and locally made crude drugs, which are in current use. Representative drugs from different morphological sources will be discussed in detail, involving the description of their macro- and microscopical characteristics. The geographical distribution, cultivation, collection, chemical constituents and their uses will be emphasized, which will be made even clearer when students go for field work to appreciate medicinal plants in their natural environment. In addition, the course covers the study of fibres used in surgical dressings and products used in filtration.