Topics covered in lectures include vectors and tools used in recombinant DNA
technology, production of recombinant DNA products, monoclonal antibodies,
gene therapy, stem cells, cell and tissue culture, transgenic animals and
industrial applications.

Topics covered in module include an introduction to scale up of various dosage
forms and selection of appropriate excipients and techniques in the formulation
of tablets, capsules, sterile preparations, and aerosols

Pharmacology IV describes the different aspects of chemotherapy, and infection
control and management using various antimicrobials, antiprotozoal and antihelmintic
drugs. This unit also deals with the drugs acting on endocrine system such as drugs
used in the treatment of diabetes, thyroid disfunction, pituitary and adrenal gland.

This course aims to develop the understanding on principles underlying the
techniques used in spectroscopy and chromatography including their
applications to pharmaceutical industry.

Topics covered in this module include extraction, isolation and identification of
secondary metabolites/ phytoconstituents and their chemistry, microscopic
analysis, primary and secondary plant metabolic pathways and Plant tissue
culture, various herbal formulations, standardization of crude drugs and herbal

This course introduces student’s biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. The
students are exposed to pharmacokinetics model and its calculations. Students
are also taught bioavailability and bioequivalence through in vitro bioequivalence
testing through practical and case-based learning.