This course provides an outline of the major legislation governing medicinal products in Malaysia and provides students with a knowledge that will form the basis of their professional practice in their future careers.

Many new businesses are grown based on new application of existing technology or brand new technology. On the other hand, many new businesses collapse since the management does not understand the customer needs, good management practices and also the role of technology. The main purpose of this course is to provide student of entrepreneurship a through introduction to the entrepreneurial process. Among others, this course covers topics such as decision to become an entrepreneur, developing successful business ideas, moving from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm and managing and  growing and entrepreneurial firm.

This module is designed to provide the students with an exposure to pharmacology of drugs acting on gastrointestinal, renal and pulmonary systems. With special emphasize on diuretics, anti ulcer, ant diarrhoeal and other agents.

Topics covered in lectures include an introduction to scale up of various dosage forms and selection of appropriate excipients, packaging materials in their development. To knoe the principles and importance of sterilization in the development of sterile dosage forms. Practicals include granulation, tablets compression, and coating of tablets, ampoule filling, and sterility test. 

This course introduces students to the concepts clinical pharmacy. The students will be exposed to various systematic approaches of patient therapy assessment; of drug-related problems. The concepts of counseling and social pharmacy are also introduced which includes the bedside teaching, and basics of pharmacovigilance

Topics covered in lectures include basics in natural products drug discovery isolation, identification, characterization of different phytoconstituents using physical, chemical and spectral methods.